Leftovers (EP) - 3 Tracks

by Alpha Riff

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In between the release of N.E.R.D. and No Rest for the Nerdy, I did a couple tracks that I thought would be fun. They were a mix of old and new styled stuff for me. Previously, these were on SoundCloud and Reverbnation as streaming only, but I thought it would be fun to let people download and keep them! Enjoy!


released 30 March 2013



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Track Name: The Darkest of Final Fantasies (Prod. Nerdy Dance Experiment)
Yo, like a break beat
Nothing replaces me
Hand full of crystals
Mother fucks is empty
Gonna board a ship
Cause the crew is so filthy
Steal from the emp
And I'm the last thing you'll see

So fresh, so clean
Got the armor on gleam
That Dark Knight status
And my sword is pristine
Kain on the side
Gonna ride and look mean
The way we handle these fools
You can tell we a team

Now, before you cry
I'mma need you to go ahead
And dry them eyes
Before Tellah
Before stone mage twins
Before a change of heart
Before becoming a paladin

I meant paladin like an allen wrench
It's a cinch unless you're a bitch
Blink once and you might miss this
Cause when I step on board, I handle my fucking business
See, I was once a dark, deceitful man
And while you're sitting there busy judging
Just know that the hand that's dealt
Is a swift bitch and craggy ol' mistress
Still up to her old fucking tricks
Cause in the end, we hit the village of Mist
Bomb in the package, ain't that a fucking twist?
God damn (GOLBEZ)

I got a brother who's the power behind the throne
But it's not like all this time I would have known
Half my time in an overworld roam
It's the blue planet, the only one we call home
Too busy fucking up, so to the moon we gon'
We gon', we gon', we gon'

Oh, wait, that's skipping ahead
Remember all those people that we left dead?
Yeah, they're coming back in the end
Got those underground worlds to end up in
Little bombing action to collapse the den
Cid is a boss, so we sacrifice him

Well, more like he sacrificed himself
To put us up on that planar shelf
Dark and light crystals mixing
And everybody is fixing
To fight in a big white whale
That is going up to sail
Straight to the moon for you
To meet the famous FuSoYu
I mean Ya, not as in Jah
Fuck you Golbez
Fuck you Zeromus
Track Name: A Wolf of Man
I was once a man, now I'm the wolf
It took me a moment just to settle myself
Now I'm the loner, the roamer
No longer a goner
For anyone but myself
And the life I have left

I was once the man, now I'm the wolf x 8
(Breathe) x 2
(Just breathe) x 2

Verse 1:
No pack, no time to react
Just a lonesome beast unable to track
Be tracked for a moment of fact
Facetious melodies in a sea of intricacies
That ethereal tease, and if you please
Just leave me be
I'll find my time at the edge of eternity
Somewhere between the red and green stars
Where spinning galaxies form spiraled melodies
And communed spirits dance lively, the dead of communities

If I walked through that door tomorrow
Would it be filled with joy or sorrow?
Would you celebrate my return
Or would you consider this a bridge best left burned?
Standing in the ashes of a collapsed past tense
Coming from the moment that we stood on the fence
Grass is greener but the winter is leaner
And the wolf has to eat, whether his twin or that conniving schemer
You were always one to pull the wool
Lamb chops, lamb bleet, lamb bull
And to think that I once trusted your words
When in truth I was like a little baby bird
And you were the hawk circling above
Who couldn't wait to get your claws into my flesh because
I gave you my trust willingly
And that would have been the death of me… but…

I was once a man, now I'm the wolf
It took me a moment just to settle myself
Now I'm the loner, the roamer
No longer a goner
For anyone but myself
And the life I have left

All because of you x 8
Now I'm the wolf x 8
Track Name: My Video Game History
Ok, you guys remember back in the 90s, like, when… when there was video game system, like, rivalries… and you your friend would be on two different sides and that would actually end your friendship? I'm bringing that shit back.

8, 16, 32 in the mix
Early 90s everyone knew to get their fix
Sega do what Nintendon't, a little Sonic bliss
Plumber crack, mushroom tap, can't handle any of this
Add-ons to pass on, lover scorned, partners no more
While the competition stacks ROMs ceiling to floor
Crappy games stuck propping your door
While you look through manuals for an hour or four, yo

Now, I know you cats remember the 32x and the Sega CD… let's not lie about, but let's talk about something else you might not remember.

Now, Sega had a channel, Time Warner downloads
A selection of games almost equal to B.Toads
And by that they were like the third level
They were hard as hell, you might as well grab your shovel
As in dig your grave, cause there were no saves
Write down that password to continue your game
But where else was I going to play Phantasy Star
Or a little blue bomber in The Wily Wars
Special editions of Super S F 2
EW Jim before my friend, boo hoo
Permanent damage to the adapter was real
Four years later, the thing's fate was sealed

That's okay cause a planet came to save it
Not the Saturn, but Neptune, never played it
Oh wait, that was just vaporware
With its big ass screen and cart out the rear
Battery life worse than Game Gear
Twenty double A batts for an hour I fear
Long enough for that grocery store run
And the return trip while mom steers, c'mon

Okay, I ain't forgot about Nintendo
They were the reason for my man Crazy Ken, though
Completely shortsighted with that damn cartridge format
Playstation gets birthed out of the wreckage could've been that
Next level Nintendo game machine,
A Gamecube dream like a Dreamcast team
Instead Sony with ridic pricing
Ten years later repeats the same damn thing

Now I'll admit, I ended some friendships over some of this shit
Nintendo fanboy who owns all the classics
Zelda tats on my back, now that is a fix
But where else am I gonna get all the good games
While you're stuck just playing some lames
Shiggy busy changing industries
While the rest too busy going third party

See, this is just like those arguments… you know, it was like… you would name, like, load times and cartridge space and stuff like that, man. Let's go back to that, cause XBox vs PS3 is not as good of an argument. I like those old arguments. Let's do that again.