Digital Champions: Mors Aeterna

by Alpha Riff

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Mike5424 This is an excellent sequel to Migdal Bavel. Great music and a fantastic assortment of artists. Favorite track: Crowned Fates ft. Professor Shyguy as Life (Production. Alpha Riff).


Alpha Riff, MZ, B. B. Stuart, Asim Billy, and more return in the epic follow-up to 2014's break out smash, Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel. Continuing nearly a year and a half after the conclusion of that album, Alpha Riff and MZ, on the run from General T. C., receive a call that Captain Proxy requires their services: his son has gone missing deep inside an ancient temple in the DMZ. Accompanied by the newly reformed Horse Men, the team soon finds out that the events they believed they halted during Migdal Bavel only triggered a domino effect leading to the end of their world.

The Digital Champions Consortium proudly presents Alpha Riff and MZ’s Digital Champions: Mors Aeterna. Mors Aeterna is the follow-up to last year’s Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel, an epic Hip-Hop Opera concept album which featured emcees and singers playing characters from the world of Digitalia. The 23 track album featured the likes of TekForce as B. B. Stuart, Ish1da as Asim Billy, Jollimus as Harbinger, 1-UP as Principal T. C., Aramis as Prog, and many, many more. Landing with both critical and fan acclaim, Migdal Bavel was highly regarded and reviewed by sites such as,, and Now Alpha Riff and MZ seek to do it bigger, better, and more epic.

Digital Champions: Mors Aeterna’s powerhouse list of emcees and singers features the returning favorites of TekForce, Twill Distilled, Ish1da, 2 Mello, Midi Boss, Aramis, 1UP, Ekaj, Jollimus, Kordlyss, Forneus Mod of Hanna Barbaric, Zilla Persona, 2 Ton 21, and Matt Mead, while also introducing new players: Starby, King Pheenix, StarF, Lavos of Hanna Barbaric, Ambush Vin, Stalara, Lo Tech, Yugen, Kudos the Kid, Geoff Cannon, Rachel Fishel, and none other than Mega Ran himself. Not to be outdone, heavy hitting singers such as Professor Shyguy and TheFifthSister round out the massive features list.

We teamed with producers and musicians of all backgrounds to round out the music: PJ Sam, Stone Stan, Zilla Persona, Klopfenpop, Bill Beats, Scotty Beatmaster Wu, missingNO, Bernie Griess of Undone, DJ RoboRob, and K-Murdock. All 20 tracks of Mors Aeterna will leave you breathless, from DJ RoboRob’s epic and machine laced beats to the atmospheric rhythms supplied by K-Murdock. Whether you love electronic, hip-hop, or metal, there’s something for everybody, all of which is wrapped up in the most heartwrenching, emotionally charged story ever told in musical format.


released July 23, 2016

Emcees and Singers:
2 TON 21

Producers and Musicians:



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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Track Name: The Dark Ones (Prod. Alpha Riff)
Verse 1:

At the end of the world
A cyber boy and his girl
That A.I. princess
Power, beauty, witness what she unfurls
Rising from the ashes
A couple Phoenix ready for the masses
Return home but nothin’ ever lasts it’s
Time for reality to sink right passed it’s
A lie you’ve been livin’ this whole time
Thinkin’ the world would celebrate, no right mind
Well, believed you were champions
Digital at the core with odds against to win then

But no one knew, that we had died for you
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP
Names unknown, our tales untold
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP

So here we were at the top of that tower
Lookin’ to the heavens for Prog to answer
Maybe he’d forgive me, maybe he would cleanse me
Maybe he would bring her back just so she could save me
Her name is Maia, killed herself, threw herself on the pyre
Broke the C.O.D.E. and the shit it inspired
Broke the demons and the powers they acquired
Back from hell with a heart full of fire
Eyes ablaze from this life that was mired
Heart clenched cause her love I desired
Almost lost over what transpired
I will not forget what you have done
And what you took from us


You want the whole world to fall

Light a match and watch it burn (burn)

A cold war to end it all

At the precipice it burns (it burns)

Verse 2:

Circumstances put us on the run
Thought we had the right to home and our return
But the things I’m learning, talkin’ ‘bout war and the city burnin’
Demons gone, whose your enemy
Anti’s dead, but how would you have seen
Shifted blame from Creeper all to me
B. B. said they champion T. C.
It seems suspicious
Leaving IP is our best decision
MZ, the tide has turned
We’re the nemeses, let’s go before the swarm comes

And so we go, far away to the coast
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP
To a simpler life now
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP

But news reaches, everybody doing bad
Bruised peaches
Fragile egos, T. C.’s lethal
Thinkin’ he could take the parliament with speed coup
Threw the whole damn into city into civil war
Cold War, mutiny at its very core
Got the nuke ready and waiting
Parliament debatin’ whether they can take him
Spendin’ dollars just to break him
B. B. Stuart’s info is sayin’
They tappin’ to the underground
Mercs and weapons on the ground
Two superpowers just starin’ right across the aisle
Waiting so the other pulls the trigger in denial


You want the whole world to fall

Light a match and watch it burn (burn)

A cold war to end it all

At the precipice it burns (it burns)

Verse 1:

They thought we were dead
Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, brand new head
Eyes open to the new reality
There ain’t no doubt that dad would be proud of me
Well, here we go
They wanted to know what’s left to defend
Plenty, you still got the Fire Wall
Remnants of Anti’s army scattered like some fireballs
And T.C.’s there, locked behind new walls, starin’ out from his lair
So we did a little reuniting, Proxy to Proxy
With the demons still fightin’

We gave our sacrifice
Return home to find that you had lied
Takin’ credit where the credit wasn’t due
Every bit of the epic wasn’t handled by you
Her name is Maia, killed herself, threw herself on the pyre
Broke the C.O.D.E. and the shit it inspired
Broke the demons and the powers they acquired
And when the tower collapsed, Prog took us to the sky
Restored who we were like a second lease on life
And no one would know what it’s like to hold your love in your arms
Drillin’ down like a stomach to knife

We will not forget the lies you told and what you took from us


You want the whole world to fall

Light a match and watch it burn (burn)

A cold war to end it all

At the precipice it burns (it burns)

Verse 2:

From the end of the world
A cybernetic dude and his A.I. girl
Cock it back, load it again, a couple synonyms
Saw the heavens, holy spirit, a little profit then
So you know, it’s been six months you ain’t heard this flow
Broke the Anti in half, now it’s a matter of takin’ the matter
Lining the pockets with gold credits just to break a record
In the record books to make em fatter, race from the city with approach
Get away from all that blather, military leaders claimin’ they defeated the demons
Tensions gettin’ way too heated

And so we go, far away to the coast
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP
Leave the hunting behind now
Goodbye, IP, goodbye, IP

But news reaches, everybody doing bad
Bruised peaches
Fragile egos, T. C.’s lethal
Thinkin’ he could take the parliament with speed coup
Threw the whole damn into city into civil war
Cold War, mutiny at its very core
Got the nuke ready and waiting
Parliament debatin’ whether they can take him
Spendin’ dollars just to stake him
B. B. Stuart’s info is sayin’
They tappin’ in the underground
Mercs and weapons on the ground
Two superpowers just starin’ right across the aisle
Waiting so the other pulls the trigger in denial


You want the whole world to fall

Light a match and watch it burn (burn)

A cold war to end it all

At the precipice it burns (it burns)
Track Name: Proxy to Proxy ft. 2 Mello as Captain Proxy + 2-Ton 21 as Destiny (Production. Stone Stan)

It’s the calvary (Horse Men)
Headed back to the Fire Wall
MZ and me, we some fireballs
From the shadow to the light like a curtain call
Stage set, got the mission, time to dust it off
It’s the black on black swordsmen
On the bike with the danger he’s courtin’
Got the gauge and the shells for the sportin’
Make a sport of it and grab what’s important
Proxy calls and we gon’ answer
Don’t get it twisted, we ain’t some tap dancers
Grew a heart when the heavens gave that fanfare
Thoughts of family has gained some new fans there
So back through it, we goin’ through the city
Keep that low prof, credits comin’ plenty
Turnin’ them heads, you know we just friendly
Hypertext, get a drink, BB and Asim Billy
Let’s go

Verse 1:

We back, let’s start it again
Alpha and MZ, shotguns and flexin’
Motherfuckers think they can run us aground
You got military out searchin’
We allude em again
Sneaky ass bastards, sewage passage
B hunters and traps, disarm with a flash of it
MZ hidin’ our trails, it’s like rabbits and snails
Tortoise with a purpose, break ‘em in twin

You mean twine - shit, we’re fine
If they come at us, we take two at a time
Plus there’s Asim Billy and B B
One with the boom and the other snipes hands free
The four us will stop what they have
T. C. will be left in the past
And if anyone gets too close
Just think of the move that I do that makes your heart pulse


Not that one

Oh, that one!

Remember the Horse Men’s Code

Sight em, smite em
Don’t ever give up, even when on the run
When you got the chance, fight em

No matter where we go

These sleights ain’t imagined
Come back with an army, we’ll break this fashion

The long highway calls

The last time we were on this road
Had to flex a lil’ muscle, put em on a pole
Broke a Crimelord, did the deed, siphoned his soul cause

We are the Horse Men

Hook (Destiny):
As they ride, as the world comes to light
Into death’s sweet embrace they alight
The Horse Men x 4

Horse Men
Track Name: Belly of the Beast ft. Kudos the Kid as LT. Sector + Twill Distilled as Sassky + 2-Ton 21 as Destiny (Production. Pajama Sam)
Verse 1 (Alpha/MZ):


Welcome all the children to the belly of the beast
Lookin’ for the man that they all feared deceased
Deep down in the temple, tunnels zig zag, no simple zip zap
Death in the air like our souls all fear release

Damn, Alpha, you’re so dramatic

Shit, I can’t help, it’s a force of habit
Up in the speaker like I’m quotin’ magic
Break the fourth wall like, damn, did that just happen

Okay, you, back to the story mode
We got the men and weapons, armor
To bring sonny home
Not just a bounty but a friend that we got to know
And maybe his dad would see him instead of go
Maybe, you know, love him for once

Instead of ignoring his son

Yeah, like a parent or sumptin

You been storing this one?
Stuck in your craw or what’s up?

What? Shut up.
The shadows have come

Hook (2 Ton-21):
The Children of Tro-Jan
The children, they’re watching you
The children, sneak along
The Children of Tro-Jan
The Children of Tro-Jan
The children, they’re watching you
The children, sneak along
The children, they’ll eat you

Verse 2 (Kudos the Kid):
Children of Trojan, tribe protector
A thing of nightmares, the phantom specter
A fierce and avid soul collector
All bow down to Lt. Sector
Just walked into the belly of the beast
Where the children hunger, the children feast
So hear my words and obey my will
If you make a move then we shoot to kill
But you’re reckless, got a need to be tested
Big boss battle not easily bested
Quick shot to the right then the left
Until MZ hits with a stun to the chest
So what’s next for the tribe divided?
It’s an all out war and a will to fight it
A new team with the power of our people
To fight for the good of the world, not the evil

Verse 3 (Twill Distilled):
Hi there! The names Sassky!
Running these children away from infantry
Heh, well, you see
My sister is bat shit crazy
Approach, but don’t touch me
We’re much different from you, MZ
We’ve come so far, different galaxies
We aim to make our God, Term, Pleased
Everytime we on the scene, everything dissipates
don’t mean to destruct, Nteser got irate
forced our fighting population to go on some journey
to a tower for some power, I think we need attorneys
Alpha MZ let me join your party
Together like a unit, RPG squad with the bronies
oh sorry, those names aren’t right-
but you know what I mean right?
Together got this locked cause netser we must stop.
Track Name: Half Riddle ft. Jollimus as Harbinger (Production. Pajama Sam)

Shit… is that who I think it is?

Fuck… is that Harbinger?

Yeah… but something’s not right with him.
I think he’s broken.

Verse 1 (Alpha/MZ):
Hold up, stop
It’s not what you’re thinking
He could be in trouble

That’s a positive thing
C’mon MZ, just throw him to the wind
Ain’t no time for this

And leave him dying
Would you want that if it happened to you?
Take your arms and legs like it’s something to prove?
Keep you alive unable to move?

Damn, what is wrong with you?

Okay, listen, you seem to ignore
The very fact that I’m not really normal
A machine, not adorable
Like Harbinger
Pieces missing, gaps filled in with your conditions
So can I get your permission to check him

Okay, shit, yeah

Harbinger, it’s MZ, do you remember me?
I came with the metal man
And we drank your riddles
Cause we were thirsty
So you went hungry for a day
But I’m here to fix you up like a good lil nursey
Now talk to me

Tell me now, just what has forty?
How you be you gorgeous shorty?
Even if you were my friend
Villain? I won't break or bend
If bent are mints and mints are lee
Riddles are my life, you see
Gee, I wonder, what has four legs
If a tree fell on your head
No need to answer right away
See, I can be gracious
Don't think I didn't notice
I'm gonna let it slide
Do you wish to save the game?
If I could guess your name?
Take a breath, count to three
Dig a shallow hole in me
Under lock? Untersee!
Help me please, don't leave me be
nivieced ylurt er'yeht
?em eerf ot ereh legna na uoy era
sleg ym elots, em narrevo
sevank nexulf ton, sloof nigriv
I do not want to end
Boote so ruhig sind
And place it in your middle
This is how I riddle
Could I see you naked?
Or are you still playin?
Just like stupid wedding dances
You missed a couple answers
Didn't eat you when you cheated
I've taken a real beating
Would it make a sound?
And flies, still on the ground
Or have you all forgot?
Are bentley or not?
This is so alarming
Would you still call me?
Tell me are you doin fine?
Bars, the way I'm down mine

Barz the way you’re doing yours
The fuck is Harbinger even on?
Brain fractured with that tortured porn
MZ, translate, don’t confuse me more

Okay, running calculations
Gotta ask for a little patience
Seeing these section stations
Left for dead, low expectations
Ah, I see what they did
Killed most the Horse Men ‘cept the kid
Ripped Harby ‘ part just for thrill
Took their army up to the hill top
Migdal’s kill drop, Christian’s last stop
A plan for the sister interfering with persistence
And just up a head a Ba-he-myth once a friend
Determined that it’s really him
Damn… now we go for the kill
Track Name: The Behemoth ft. Midi Boss as Christian Proxy + TekForce as B. B. Stuart + Geoff Cannon as Death (Production DJ RoboRob)
Verse 1 (Alpha Riff)

Lock and load
Motherfucks ready
He’s got to go
Lava veins with that broken soul
Stuart, Billy, he’s lost control
Shit, it’s Proxy’s mold
Post up on the tower
Wit’ Netser’s power
Behemoth, black hearted
Straight devoured, he’s titan
Get yo ammo, let’s roll
(MZ) charge me up
Comin’ through with the blisterin’ uppercut
Run up his arm, he titan taller
Shielded skin, it ain’t no armor
Dodge a swipe, BB bullets attractin’
Billy wit the bang got the package flashin'
Reach that jaw and I’ll jaw his ass

Alpha: Yo Billy

Billy: Yo

Alpha: Light it up

Now that’s what I call a teamwork
That shit that makes this dream work
Hunters got a gift and a mean worth
Paid in credits like McDuck and a mean surf
Heroes of IP fell Migdal in front of me
These fuckers can’t touch what we do when we…
Oh… shit…

Christian Proxy: This is not over.

Hook (Death):
Death is your only consolation
Is your only consolation
Death is your only consolation

Verse 2:

I thought I fucking warned you
Now I guess it's time to show you
look at all you little ants
scurrying about with your little plans
gonna show you all whos the fucking man
now im gonna crush you all with my bare hands!
you're not gonna talk me out of this again
this is where the bounty hunter meets his end
after you're done...then/im..comin for your friends
all your efforts are futile
this shits about to get brutal
gonna decimate the entire plane and
leave nuttin left for a funeral yeah
makin drum sticks out of your crew now yeah
comin after me how could you ever believe
that your silly little toys could put a dent in me,
and i will dance in blood tonight
you should of thought twice before you picked a fight
now prepare yourself for the afterlife where DEATH
Track Name: Pieces of Migdal Bavel (interlude) ft. Twill Distilled as Sassky + Kudos the Kid as LT. Sector + Midi Boss as Christian Proxy + TekForce as B. B. Stuart + 2 Mello as Captain Proxy + Phantastik the Phenom as Anti (Production. Alpha Riff)


CHRISTIAN PROXY’s massive titan body lies defeated beneath the heels of the party. As it withers, the red eyes flicker and fade. MZ walks to the corpse and places her hand upon it.

(Inside her mind)
Who is there? Who is that?

It’s MZ, Christian. Do you know where you are?

No… I can’t see. I… I can’t feel. What happened to me?

You were killed and made into a monster. I’m going to take you now and store you inside of me until we find a body for you.

(Very disheartened)
Oh. Thank you, MZ.

A line of blue-green energy arcs from the massive behemoth and slams into MZ. She grunts briefly until the energy dissipates, then turns to the group.

I have him now.


(To Sassky)
All right, Sassky, now what? What’s your sister up to?

SASSKY looks around the fallen tower and broken military facility.

I’m not sure… but she came here for something.

ALPHA, didn’t you say there were a whole lot of dead bodies when you left here? They’re missing.

Yeah, you’re right… and so are DENIAL THE SERVICER and RAVAGER’s bodies.

LT. SECTOR stands in the middle of Migdal Bavel’s rubble. Some of the other Children encircle him. He waves to SASSKY.

Ma’am, you’re going to want to see this.

The group makes its way over to LT. SECTOR’s position. Lying in the rubble is the broken form of ANTI. Part of his face is blown off and his brain is fried and shriveled. His mouth moves and he flickers and distorts continuously, sputtering some of his last sayings during the fight he had with ALPHA RIFF.

So this is Anti.

Yeah. Why didn’t she take him?

I believe that his sequencing is too broken. He is unusable.

(Bends down)
But, she did take his heart.

His heart? What would she need with that?

Perhaps, something only his sequencing can open.

There’s radio static and CAPTAIN PROXY suddenly appears in a screen floating in the center of the group. His eyes are crazed, as if he’s been trying to get in touch with them for a long time.

Finally! I’ve been trying to radio you for hours. What’d you find?

ALPHA RIFF steps in front of the screen.

We’re at Migdal Bavel… we… found CHRISTIAN. He’s not your son anymore.


MZ pushes ALPHA RIFF aside and stands in front of the screen.

ALPHA, your bedside manner sucks. PROXY, we had to destroy the body he was in, but I was able to pull his consciousness out. We just need to find a body now.

Ok. How?

Uh… we don’t know yet.

Well, MZ, what are you made out of?

Nanobots… very sophisticated ones. ALPHA got them for me.

Ok. ALPHA, where did you get them?

I… uh… ordered them from CRIMELORD B. NET. I don’t know where he got them from… I just told him to make sure they were gold so they didn’t corrode.

Gold. And that’s it?


All right. There’s a city about five days north of your position. It’s called Au. Go there and make his body.

Uh… just like that?

Just like that.

Have you done this before?

It’s unimportant. I expect to hear from you when it’s done. PROXY out.

The screen disappears and everyone is left staring at each other.

Huh… well then. I guess we’re going to a city of gold.

And then we find my sister.
Track Name: The Au-Files ft. StarF as Cecil C. Hemit + Twill Distilled as Sassky (Production Zilla Persona)
Verse 1 (MZ):

The city glows in gold
The city glows in
Eyes open, lights out
You can have anything you think about
It’s bathed in blood and lies
Maybe you won’t feel it in your soul when it snuffs out
It’s bathed in all your cries
So you enter the den the lion within
David and Goliath with a stone tween em
Thinkin’ you’ll escape but there’s no meanin’
Fire in your heart but the glows dimmin’
So you need a guide
Someone who can break it all down now
Spin it around how, the world is upside down
Map out trajectories, unravel the mysterious
Point you to the answers in a world of uncertainties
Cause we’re breathin’ night’s air
Integrity in your heart where
There once was no cares, like there were no breaks there
But in a city not your own you find it’s not bare
Track Name: Boys with Gold Coins ft. Ish1da as Asim Billy + TekForce as B. B. Stuart (Production. Bill Beats)
Verse 1 (Alpha):

We came, we saw, we conquered
The black swordsman with a complex so awful
Consortin’ with alcoholic demons you’d think he’s they father
Unholy with gold brims to drain him much farther
That’s why it’s us three, you got an
Entrepreneur with a penchant for doing shady things
Some dude flexin’ mo than just some pinky rings
And man on a mission with more missiles than an armory
B. B. got that cruise ship, Billy got the bullwhip
If anyone down to fuck with us, I’ll give the blue tip
Ain’t a ronin for nothing, masterless stuntin’
Let the head get too hot, cut you from stomach to front end
Slice you up for frontin’ leave yo whole team runnin’
Laughin’ while you dyin’ cause the blood stop pumpin’
Then there’s sumpin’ sumpin’, fuck it
BB, I’m way too drunk for this, man, let’s go clubbin’

Hook (Alpha):
Yeah, you got the boys with gold
Yeah, you got the boys with gold
Don’t get it twisted, popping off at the mouth
You gon’ end up missing with the missus
Track Name: Empire Man ft. Ambush Vin as Gene Rotar + Rachel Fishel as Reba Nuhm (Production. Scotty Wu)
(Door opens)
Reba Nuhm: Mister Rotar will see you now.

Gene Rotar: It’s a pleasure, I’m sure. I was told you wanted to see Mister Rando Dimizer, but he is indisposed at the moment. I’ll be happy to help you. What can Gold-Chem Industries do for you?

Alpha Riff: It’s simple, really. We need your facilities.

Verse 1 (Alpha Riff)
You ever seen an army walk a million miles/ bootstraps, chrome clapped
Capped to the edge/ their souls defiled?
Stripped from wombs to lay themselves bare/ barren wasteland discovery for children without cares/
Children without airs/ Children without errors/
Several thousand paired, the last ark/ filled with all your terrors/
Was told that if you want all that’s gold/
Come to the man, decide, and then outfit your soul
It’s the empire that’s behind you/ simple eyes with a blind view/
We come from I. P. with enough credits to plain shine through/
Everything in that the facility we own it/
Everything you produce from here and now will show it/

(Gene Rotar)
Uh huh and who sent you

(Alpha Riff)
You know who sent us/ Crimelord’s are a dime a dozen renters/
But only one can get here without bluffin/
Bivarso Netro; B. Net your second cousin/

Build it up just to break it down (the empire man)
Sell ‘em all just to own them now (the empire man)
Telling lies when the truth abounds (the empire man)
Why? (Why?) Cause he’s the empire man
Build it up just to break it down (the empire man)
Sell ‘em all just to own them now (the empire man)
Telling lies when the truth abounds (the empire man)
Why? (Why?) Cause he’s the empire man

Verse 2 (Gene Rotar)

Welcome to A-U yo it's an honor to meet me /
Who are you really dont matter because you're all peasants in my facility/
Market agility disguised as transparency/
Apparently you're amazed you cant belittle me /
I saw your noses in the air especially you Mr. Riff/
Aint that a bitch your cybernetics are powered by our gold sticks/
All robotics no humans needed/
Six sigma leanest manufacturer manual labor been deleted/
Mr Dimizer bought out the miners thought they got over/
We extracted the gold from quartz relics took it over/
Yup now everybody lookin like they really bout go to war/
So they accuse us of manufacturing uranium core/
You've been thru every door except our weapons factory/
Oh don't look surprised now I know y'all after me/
You nosy muthafuckas get y'all asses in this room/
Go to sleep bitch take this microsonic boom/


(Call being placed)

Gene Rotar: Yes, sir, it was them. They’ve been properly handled. Most were transported to the holding cells as per your request and the artificial intelligence — MZ I believe her name is — was transported to your research facility. She is being prepped for dissection as we speak.
Track Name: The Boy with a Gold Heart ft. Random aka Mega Ran as Rano Dimizer + Zilla Persona as Fate (Production K-Murdock)
Verse 1 (Alpha Riff):

Ugh… what happened
Where am I…?
Behind prison bars made of gold lines
Above a thousand mile hole
Deep and black as his soul
Him, him, shit, it’s coming back to me
Fame and fortune mixed with infamy
Got electronic eyes on friends and enemies
Spying on citizens, locked on the profits
Knew the ones from IP even if we don’t pretend to be
Had your boy Gene take us out with lines of chilvary
Yeah, in the office Gene Rotar, Reba Nuhm by the bar, wait
That’s the redhead from the Mixing Jar
The joint from the night before
She was there, watching us, clocking score
That’s how they got our chemistry
Byte sequence from glasses like this was elementary
Handed them weaknesses like here you go, complementary
Signed with a bow cause ultimately shit’s meant to be
To be real, we just canaries in some coal mines
Coughing and screeching for the capture, warning signs
Laissez-faire made in gold binds, systemic collapse
And overhead Rano Dimizer smiles

Hook (Fate):
Such a heart of gold
Such a heart of gold
It’s the boy’s heart
It’s the boy’s heart

Verse 2 (Rano Dimizer):

Hook (Fate):
Such a heart of gold
Such a heart of gold
It’s the boy’s heart
It’s the boy’s heart

Verse 3 (Alpha Riff/MZ):

As the hours are passing
And I’m left as a passenger
Only time on the line
And his taunts are just passages
A bird in a gilded cage
With blood boiling savages
Took apart the prison system
Cause I know it’s just averages
Without MZ’s flight, this shit is madness
Top speed is a hundred clicks
Running start, no crashes
From the end of this cage to the door
Gives about ten feet, give or take a toe or more
Okay, if I back up just enough, believe in just enough
Get my speed up to snuff, activate my cybernetic core
Push it to the limit of my limits and then push it a little bit more

You could just let me ferry you over
Instead of being, you know, a bullheaded ogre

MZ! You’re free!

Yeah, the other’s got me

Rano can’t have you
But we’ll show him a party

Hook (Fate):
Such a heart of gold
Such a heart of gold
It’s the boy’s heart
It’s the boy’s heart


Rano: If I give you access to my facilities,
you’ll make your golden bodies and leave my company standing?

Alpha: Yeah, but keep it on tap. We might need something else in the future.

Rano: Fine.

Alpha: Been a pleasure doing business with you, Rano.
Track Name: I.P Falls (interlude) ft. 2 Mello as Captain Proxy + Midi Boss as Christian Proxy + Twill Distilled as Sassky + TekForce as B. B. Stuart + TheFifthSister as Loss (Production. Alpha Riff)


The group stands in the center of a long highway leading out of Au when a screen pops into existence. CAPTAIN PROXY stares out at them in turn before looking at CHRISTIAN in his newly minted gold body.

I’m glad to see they could restore you.

Thank you, father. I think I like this one more than my old one.

Then you know? About your last body?

Know what?


(Spins around to ALPHA RIFF)

Yeah, I’m here.

Our forces inside of the Fire Wall say that a large red and black army with massive behemoths has stormed the city.

(Let’s out a frustrated sigh)
That’s Netser’s forces.

There’s reason to believe GENERAL T. C. and PRIME MINISTER KERN are using both of their forces to fight the new army… while also fighting each other.

Awesome. Looks like the Cold War is over.

I.P.’s gonna be a fuckin’ massacre.

I believe the new menace was able to break down part of the Fire Wall.

Yeah, we’ll find the break.

Looks like we’re going after your sister. We might have to kill her to stop her, you know?

I know. Save your city.
Track Name: Crowned Fates ft. Professor Shyguy as Life (Production. Alpha Riff)
We are charged here now
With these sworn crowned fates
The last of our kind
The world will fall away
These kings and queens
Left with broken harmonies

Verse 1:
Alpha Riff
Mount up
Cyborg bodies with gold faced children
Commanders to lieutenants ready to face destiny
A war-like rhythm
Here we are, marching in pairs
Hunters to weaponizers,
The one Sagittarius
There ain’t no fear in us
Storm the Fire Wall with assassins at the blade
Cleave ‘em thus
Bounty hunt then kill ‘em
On a mission to stop the one who’s object’s sicken
Followed by an army from the sister break them down
Time to grab em by the throats and evict them now
They called us heroes, the tower of a madman
With Prog’s hand that only fear knows
Ain’t no turnin’ around, Cortex of the proud
We’ll run em aground, wash em out
40 years in this flood they will drown
Flood they will drown
Flood they will drown
Netser, we’re coming for you

We are charged here now
With these sworn crowned fates
The last of our kind
The world will fall away
These kings and queens
Left with broken harmonies

Verse 2:
Alpha Riff
We will fight
For a million reasons, a billion people
Treachery against all creation’s equals
We’re idealists under Prog’s long steeple
Banner’s held high with a sign between
Each wrinkle is defined by the lines we creased through
Can’t face us, the odds can be hardly fair
You can’t escape us, shit we’re already there
(We will find you)
Just like a bounty, we got you scoped and uncounted
we gonna
(Fire Wall will bind you)
Collapsed the heavens, you watched us do it
Repeat just to prove it, yeah
Now the Horse Men are on the mission
Netser grabbed Anti’s heart, such a wrong decision
Knew the evil and the friction
But it’s gotta be her predilection
Motherfucker gonna regret when she sees us in her vision
Someone call the Arch-Bishop
Looks like we need an exorcism
Demons have risen, we comin’ back from the prison
Nothing you do can stop us, we’re saving the world and the riches

Sweet nester…
They know now…
Goodnight, sweet
Goodnight, sweet
Goodnight, sweet

Alpha Riff
For the Horse Men ride for a billion lives
We’re made for the stars, crowned fates are not ours
For the Horse Men ride for a billion lives
We’re made for the stars
We’re made for the stars
We’re made for the stars
We’re made for the stars
We’re made for the stars
We’re made for the stars

Alpha Riff
Cyborg bodies with gold faced children
Commanders to lieutenants, a war-like rhythm
There is no fear in us
Track Name: Government Man ft. Yugen as Prime Minister Linus Kern (Production. Klopfenpop)
Verse 1 (Linus Kern):

alpha and mz im glad you could make it i have some advice i hope that you take it
with tc's iron grip on the army i hardly think my position he wont take it
and thats why i called you here your skills are something that i hold quite dear
i fear if i dont ask for your intervention the end of my time here is drawing quite near
(Are you ready!?) For the task at hand
(Don't let TC!) Put you in a casket and
I hope that you might have the time to find the millenium cortex
TC's out his mind and on the grind and I have evidence to support this
This job won't be easy, and yes thats a fact
When you're up against TC, you best be on attack
I hope you have the guns, I hope you have the means
To bring TC down, cuz he's ruining my dreams
Horsemen please mount up, and take on this task
This only request, is all that i ask
I'm wishing you both the very best of luck because, yes, you are going to need it
Because digitalia is going to suffer until TC has been defeated

He’s the Government Man
He’s the Government Man

Verse 2 (Alpha Riff):

Cold war turned to civil war
Bodies hit the floor, it’s a million more
All these motherfuckas/ brother v brother
Blister, skies hit record heat tempers
Kern just wait, calvary to come
(Horse Men) mount up for these outcomes
They want the apocalypse
Just sew em up then leave em split
Shit, we got expertise, artillery
Track and bag ‘em, T. C. rest in peace
Millennium Cortex leave it be
Carbonesium chemical degree
Suited for the shit storm already falling
You knew we would come through
The Horse Men you are calling
All right, we got this shit all night
Upgrades set, locked and loaded
Thomas Cale set in our sights
On the eve of battle, mufuckas rattled
Death masks on faces
Death eaters, mors aeterna we channel
Ready for eternal death, last breath
We ain’t livin’ till we’re dead in madness
Split up, face the last will and testament
Prog’s true to life digi experiment
Ah, Digitalia, it was nice known ya
But the heavens won’t open this time
To save and smother ya
Track Name: The Maleficent Sisters ft. Stalara as Shi Lolita + Lo Tech as Corday Kaplan (Production. Alpha Riff with additional guitar by Bernie Griess of Undone)

Hook (Stalara):
Kokode wa hajimete no tame ni fighting

Alphakun to MZtan o utsu koto ga dekira to omoimasu

Verse 1 (Alpha Riff):
She screams at the top of her lungs
Shi Lolita with the scythe, bloody bandit with funds
Through the alleys and apartments with the run of the gun
Flip and dodge with finesse caked in spirit with Huns
When we face this, we’re graceless, compared to their paces
Maleficent Sisters they’re ahead it’s kinda tasteless
Thrown through walls and buildings
She wants the part that’s still human

Verse Bridge 1:

Alpha Riff + MZ
They’ll divide and conquer
Divide and conquer


Verse 1 (Stalara)

Totemo Kawaii (very cute) the way he fights back.Energy sythe, flick of my wrist, his head goes crack! Such a shame that we have to hold back, General TC wants his head intact.

Nyan nyan (meow meow) I'll play with him like a little cat. Till Corday wins, then I'll enjoy my rat. Through the walls, rubble falls all around. Try harder teki (my foe) let me work for my crown!

Hook (Stalara):
Kokode wa hajimete no tame ni fighting

Alphakun to MZtan o utsu koto ga dekira to omoimasu

Verse 2 (MZ):
Facing the twin, the opposite when
Dark to the light
EMPs blastin’ a whim
Corday Kaplan, electric action
Every pulse is countered
Shields don’t stand a chance, shit
Defenses are compromised
Dodging her swings and strikes
Fuck, can I just analyze
Weaknesses are apparent
But we’re fucking paralyzed
Wait, lock on
Alpha, I think I’ve got a surprise

Verse Bridge 1:

MZ + Alpha Riff
They’ll divide and conquer
Divide and conquer

Verse 2 (Lo Tech):
MZ you're pretty savvy but you're lackin a shield now,/
You think your gonna defeat the heat that I wield, how?/
Blaow! Beware the energy I implement,/
I'll get you running scared from this sister Maleficent./
This is it, face you're undoing./
Aw, shit, MZ got something brewin.../
What she pursuing? Troubles on the rise./
Get ready, She had a tricky look in her eyes./

(Sound Effects)


Alpha Riff
Horsemen go
Do you value your life?
Will you fight for us this night?
The world’s end’s in sight
They are the Maleficent Sisters
Track Name: The Fate of the World Part I ft. Ish1da as Asim Billy + Ekaj as Creeper + Zilla Persona as Fate + Matt Mead as Death + TheFifthSister as Loss (Production. Alpha Riff)

All right, Billy, you remember the game plan right?

Asim Billy
Get in, get out, cause havoc. (Laugh) Yeah, I got it.

You create a distraction until we can find T. C.

Asim Billy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re good.

And, remember, they said Creeper was down here, too. So, if you find him, don’t kill him. Dude could end up being real useful.

Asim Billy
Now you’re taking away all the fun. But, yeah, I got it. I’ll contain the fucker if I can.

Good. MZ, let’s go.

Good luck, Billy.

Verse 1 (Alpha/MZ)

Looks like the fate of the world’s on our shoulders
Nothing to fret cause we move them boulders
Fractured hallways, war, you can’t hold us
Digital weaponry at the ready to mow thus

Stand the aggression with a feeling of bold trust
Children of Tro-Jan an army of gold dust
Belief in the three with the power to own this
Triforce intent, courage, wisdom to bone crush

Break them down, cause we’re feelin’ straight murderous
Hunters, saviors, I think you feel the rush
Gun blasts, corridors, death and eternal lust
Mission in our sights, two down, I’ll readjust

Circuits burn from the upgrades, combust
Got searing flame and the power to pulse
Burn through his henchmen, villainous
Stop him in his tracks ‘cause we’re virtuous

We will find you

Fate sees this world’s fall
They knew it would all
Lead to the light
An angel for the afterlife

Verse 2 (Alpha/MZ)

For a million reasons, we’re left piecing
His nature corrupt, broke, maleficence
Not long ago, thought he was decent
Saved I.P. against an army of heathens

Just look at the power going straight to his head
Millennium Cortex and it needs to be fed
He’s got power to play against the parliament stead
Won’t contain the beast, gotta put it to bed

So, when we find him, we have to kill him?

Not happy about it, but he seems a villain

Damn, that’s one hell of a doomed fate

Put one in his head and we’ll dedicate
Rebuilding I.P. to his tattered story
From hero to villain to bloodstained glory

Rest in peace you fuckin’ nightmare
Wait do you hear Billy’s bombs bursting in the air

Verse 3 (Asim Billy/Creeper)

Get crushed by more than hands
It's a shame how your story ends
Remember we would torch the lands
and run the shit with tortured men

Asim Billy
What in tha fukc, Nimda, we went bakc like four flats/
Now you lost in tha ether, enslaved with your soul crakced/
I never missed once, but you already know dat/
Clikc Clakc, Blat blat, bitch virus hold dat/

Multitudes of myself
you're entering divine hell
you best to run and find help
I've noticed that your spines frail

Asim Billy
I noticed that you bitch made/
I'm twitchin wit tha switch blade/
You replicate, my clip sprays/
They'll have to dig you six graves/

been throwin these shots on a mission to hit ya
you purely bitchass diminished with scripture
energy stored focused in fists
you best lift those cannons and hope you dont miss

Asim Billy
You better pray to Prog, he choose tha fate of all/
Ya clones and ya drones, I'm finna slay em all/
Tha pain and tha flames that I heard you say you saw/
There nothing, ya brains'll paint tha wall/

No hope in besting me hope for the best
Mosly these effigies open your chest
coming for blood poke holes in your head
wait we used to be tight don't want you knowingly dead

Bridge 1 (Alpha Riff/MZ)

Computer: Initializing scan for Project M. Z. Ah, there you are. Welcome back, Maia.

MZ: What is this place, Alpha? Why does it know my name?

Alpha: This is where T. C. brought me back to life. This was his lab.

MZ: Why is it saying my name? How does it know my real name?

Alpha: I… I think you died here.

Verse 4 (Alpha/MZ)

At the precipice of life and death
We stand stone still without a breath
Our lives were not our own
We know this now
Two broken bounty hunters with these sworn vows
For a daughter who had found her home
Contained in father’s now lost notes
Died when she was young
Conscience then stripped
Given rebirth in T.C’s desperate attempt

But I was part of you… (Alpha: MZ)
Stripped of life and conscious too (Alpha: MZ)
Only five when he had to prove (Alpha: MZ)
This design and shrouded rule (Alpha: MAIA!)
WHAT! Can’t you see that he planned this
Killed, scraped, with a flare for dramatics
Cutting us, dissect is a habit
Tossed aside, did he care for the tragic
I was five when I died?
Scared girl that he knew couldn’t thrive
Do you think that he knew I’m alive?
When we stood and asked if he’d side
Or did he turn me in and out
A man searching for what only clout
Power hungry madness lunatic with child
Who’s real machinations are all in doubt
If I was all he had, why did he throw me away

He didn’t…
Your disease killed you before you could be saved

Verse 5 (Asim Billy/Creeper)

TC has had me locked in a cage
now this bullshit with billy gone and triggered my rage
put the gat the brain
all this talking you're doing drives me insane
you know me best of all bro don't act cocky
with all these upgrades youll need more than bullets to stop me

You was my day one/
We stakced bread and paid none/
You gave in, you caved in, you crakced, so don't play, son/
You clueless, tha truth is I'm through with yo bullshit/
If I gotta die here, I'ma take you with me, let's do this/

Verse 6 (Alpha Riff)
Fate, loss, forgiveness, and destiny are in our sight
We run through these halls, blind to this torment in our life
I’ll not let her fall behind, her heart is mine
To father comes the lost little daughter, questions in her cry

Verse 7 (Asim Billy/Creeper)

Where are you Nimda, show yourself coward/
No gristle, no missile, no pistol, my power/
Comes from within, while your sin is your might/
I gives a fukc about your upgrades, homeboy, let's fight/ 

Verse 8 (MZ/Alpha Riff)

We stand here
At the ending
We’re ready
And waiting

Even as my
Heart’s breaking
We will no longer be
His little play things
I’m here, father
Track Name: The Fate of the World Part II ft. 1-UP as General T.C. (Production. Alpha Riff)
Chorus (Good Guys)
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital x 4
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital x 4

Verse 9 (T.C.)

T. C.
Y’all too late, Imma clean this slate
This world was running a muck so Imma change it’s fate
I was living double lives, I tried to push through it
Now I know what to do, so I will pursue it
Anti... he didn’t know what to do, he was evil too but couldn’t carry it through
See what the red demons will do to you
They like the stars overlooked, (hah) that's a Subaru
You won’t stop this cortex, my plan will thrive
Like sand in an hourglass reset the days of your lives
Imma rip these bytes no faking yo
We're some Einstein here like some bagel bros
Charge it up, let’re rip, head back to the time where we had a grip
On reality, I set em free, right now it's a digital tragedy
You should realize, I’m a know it all
You learned that at Academy of Protocol
Imma make this happen, get it cracking whether raps get it done or I'm slapping
Fools left to right, you better bring your might, caz right I’ll put it all at this fight
This what I believe, I can’t conceive another other world so this is that’s what it means to me
Too many close ones lost, dead sea, tried to fix it once with Project MZ
So if you guys think your barge in's… going stop this device from charging
You’re sorely mistaken, a new re-ali-ty is what you will take in
This ones all for you Maia, I won’t let this become, an illusion of Gaia

No, T.C. this ends here and now!
It’s time for your final bow!
Rip the head from your crown!
He’s running for it, MZ, now!


Chorus (Good Guys)
For the world, we fight, it’s fate is ours
For the world, we give our lives, cause we are
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital

Cock back, loaded it again
Couple shots for the dome
Aimed to split and break this villain
Momentary pause
As a father recalls
The daughter he lost
Eyes with recognition

Chorus (Bad Guys)
For the power, we fight, cause it is ours
For the power, we’ll end you, cause we are
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital

Chorus (Good Guys + Bad Guys)
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital x 4

Alpha Riff:
Got a strike to that shoulder
Stumbles, almost over
Too close to the Cortex, he reaches over
He grips that power, channeled, we don’t cower
Crying with madness like a long dead Tower

T. C.
This is for you, Maia!


Chorus (Good Guys)
For the world, we fight, it’s fate is ours
For the world, we give our lives, we are
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital

Chorus (Good Guys + Bad Guys)
Digital Champions, Digital Champions, Digital x 4
Track Name: Blood and Bond ft. Aramis as Prog (Production. Alpha Riff)
Verse 2 (Alpha/MZ)

Our world lies before us
A billion souls implore thus
Pick and choose
Those to win and lose but who
Who should have this
Life so boundless
Not I, no man should own this


If blood is our love
And love is our bond
Then I’ll die by her side
Instead of life unharmed


Would you not say the same?
Or are our lives just lived in vain?
You created us
You filled us with your trust
Be filled in our love

Alpha Riff:
It’s the moment that we return

(Be filled in our love)

Alpha Riff:
To the moment that we return

(Be filled in our love)

Alpha Riff:
The moment that we return
Prog, you knew it would come
You knew that you’d learn
You knew we would burn
But we have to do this
We have to face truth with
Whatever this proof gifts
Life can’t be a new bliss
You can’t stash us away
Ask us to sway, eek out a new day
Don’t make us your champions
Change all the ambience
Reach to the maximum
Now to be brave

Outro (Alpha)

The surgeon left the room
Watched us descend to our doom
The operation’s over now
And he couldn’t save them no matter how hard
He tried hard, he fought hard, but they’re gone
Blink, blink, blink, blink, blink
And breathe
But they are Digital Champions