Epilogue: From Alpha 2 Mello (EP) - 3 Tracks

by Alpha Riff



Every story has to have an Epilogue. These three songs finish the story from the album, From Beta to Alpha Riff.


released August 6, 2013

Instrumentals are from 2 Mello's "Chrono Jigga" project. Tracks used: "Masamune Problems," "Dirt in the Palace," and "An Encore In Time." Full album can be found at 2mellomakes.bandcamp.com/album/chrono-jigga.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - 2 Mello of Chrono Jigga and Nastlevania fame (www.2mello.com)
Additional Instrumentation (guitars, drums, bass) on A Sword Among Masters - UNDONE (www.reverbnation.com/undonemetal)
Additional Vocalization on A Sword Among Masters - Crystal Hart of UNDONE (twitter.com/CrystalUndone)



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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Track Name: A Sword Among Masters
You got that Masamune
I got that Master Sword
Just liberated a beast
16 classics, pen to sword
Drilled into the well
And ready to do it again
Crafting stars and epics on a motherfucking whim
They said it couldn’t be done
I guess I proved them wrong
Cause when you’re hacked to pieces
Heart on the tip of your tongue
You’ll do anything it takes to get your point across
Frogs to fires, Mana’d heroes on that final push
Dig the carvings the in your back
Constant reminders to never go back
They say life can be a bitch
But the only bitch I see is the one who always gives a fucking inch
Stitch it up and get a grip
Givin’ kudos like the kid
Flip through history to see what I did
Pack it up and throw me in the box
But Alpha to the Riff is a mystery
Hop out the top, jacked nonstop
Out of misery, untapped pedigree

Masamune to a Master Sword
Masamune to a Master Sword

The world handed you a lemon
It handed me a fucking land mine
Either defuse the thing
Or spend the last few minutes of my life
Regretting, reversing, wishing, and hoping I can’t die
But I can’t trigger a chrono, a random do-over
No Lucca’s nor Marle’s or Robo’s in my corner
So, I had to do it the old fashioned way
Believe in myself and work at it every single day
No sleep, no food, no fun in the sun
Rehearsing and writing ‘til I burn
Write letters to the big names cause I have much to learn
And look at the work ethic of those who can’t be concerned
And those who made something of themselves
Before they found regret had drained creative wells
Destroy the idea of the 9 to 5
To give myself another chance to survive
It’s the only way I’ll have a life
Give up everything
To take the criticisms
Find that poverty
To the make art realisms
Ignore detractors
With Jaded cynicism
No one to tell me what I can and cannot envision
Pulled from the fires of the bullshit
My sword in my hand
Head held high, prepared for my last stand
But I won’t fall victim no more

Masamune to a Master Sword
Masamune to a Master Sword
From Beta to Alpha Riff
Heart on paper, better get a grip
2 Mello with the beat
Riff with them straight symbolic spits

I got a Magus on my back
Glenn changing skins
Leave the past in the past
X-Strike for the undeniable team up
Dual techs for a mean punch
But I’m triple threated
Write, film, music cream rupturing
To the surface
Questioning your purpose
Talking crazy ish like I need therapy head nod service
Now let me dial it back a notch
Don’t want doubters to lose the plot
Stepped in the line of fire
Cause I must be finished, tabbed out, gone soft
They like officer, officer
He gettin’ just way too damn popular
He just using other people, riding off of their steam
Even though I worked daily writing songs with a mean
Going out, encourage everybody “Follow your dreams”
We only live once, no evidence to the contrary
Wasted over a decade to discover this truth
Now every day, hammer it out, find me in the vocal booth
Head thrown back like Scott Cera
Pilgirmed sword self respect bearer
And you won’t ever take me back again
The future is mine, ultimate weapon in my hand

Masamune to a Master Sword
Masamune to a Master Sword
From Beta to Alpha Riff
Heart on paper, better get a grip
All these obstacles can be beat
This light and life is all a gift
Track Name: Prize of the Daughter's Cries
A man alone, just a man alone, just a man alone
A man alone
Got the six holstered in chrome
Quick draw with a southern drawl
At the precipice of searching, stalled
Momentarily, the trail leading to the infamy
This city ain’t no kin to me
But the kin to me got swallowed by misery, human machinery
Speak, determine crimes, all the secrecy
A head full strength seeking the meekly
Repentance, acceptance not found easily
Just breathe Chance, just breathe Chance
No for the fabrication of a minute
Leeches have seen the streets, all in it
Tidied up, the tide comes
Bright north stars to the dried valley runs
Silver starred deserts between long brined slums
And if they have her
Man, son to the father
The worlds will know the wrath of part human
Part machine toting fodder
Choices made in haste, protect the last of our fair race
Stolen away for the chance, a 15 misguided embrace

In the blink of an eye
I’ll take back what is mine x4

The world could set on fire
The world could set on fire x4

Dual suns ascend the horizons
With eyes set on the prize of daughter’s cries, surmise on
The old man knows his place
The love of a father’s trace
Lingering and truthfully the truth is an inkling laced
And where the lace strings lead
The hastening bleeds
With one, two, three hits to take them to the seas
Cold divisions aren’t only oceans
In a galaxy of soft faced fish
Teens teeming with the means to fulfill their dreams
Off world while darting between another
The trail can run cold but there is evidence of her mother
Lilacs, her favorite flower
Breast, body, craves the power
Set for the golden towers
Fame, fortune she’ll be showered

In the blink of an eye
I’ll take back what is mine x4

To set this world on fire
Like a heart left to the pyre
Trajectories with stars in the eyes
Are lies left to those who aren’t mired
But the past is what we must make of it
Decisions held me back
Healing became destructive medicines
When let fall off track
There were mistakes made, sure
As sure as I am the cure
To squeeze the truth out of these now dead men
For what she had endured
For the twinkling golden stars
She set her sights as bright
And betrayed to the bone she was
When they were promised the light
Then their tongues I’ll collect for the lies they told
String them across the cityscape from power pole to pole
Choke off their breath to find the only faithful one here
To set my vision to the nearest star and it’s galactic peers
Slavery’s that vile trade and I’ll have no seed in
Vengeance of a father to reclaim his lover’s breeding
No chance for Chance to walk away from this heart bleeding
I’ll destroy the whole god damn cosmo for what they took greed in

In the blink of an eye
I’ll take back what is mine x4
Track Name: For the Love of Zeal
Verse 1:
Step in 2 mics, Evander Holy with the light right
Call to the Zeal of the past, seeking lost life
Look between the cracks for the beauty
Shatter space and time for brotherly duties
Sacrifice everything for my siblin’
Radiant partners ready for jump thrust then
Time fractures for these foolish rhymes
Don’t have time to determined broken lifelines
Now I know what you’re thinking about
For just one girl why do this amount
Of destruction in the wake of Black Thrones
The old planet called home Lavos did hold
Cause she’s the essence of all things
Mother filled her head with scientific readings
Take a theory, anyway you wanna spin it
Like a Desmond Hume constant contact minute, no limit

And for the love of Zeal we pass through life, through life

Verse 2:
Up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie
Schala plus time minus Zeal equals me
Continuums in the fabric of space don’t mean nothing
When you’re thick as thieves like a pair of kissing cousins
So on my first stop, it’s like what I witnessed was the floor drop out
Wormholes opening like a misdirection
Composition change, hairy styles, take it one direction
Forward never backward, I’m the ultimate sinner
Homeless, toothless, magic bringing a winner
So let me pause, take time it line by line
Parsing codes, so we jump and get it right
Next time we’ll probably find a beach for a year
Recharge a bit before we disappear
The search is never over, don’t you understand
To find the runaway girl with blue hair is my plan

And for the love of Zeal we pass through life, through life
And for the love of Zeal we pass through life, through life
Coming in like a bad habit, whirlwind breath of sin
For the love of Zeal, for the love of Zeal x 4
Spin it again

Come on now, I’m not Chrono Crossed out
Pull the trigger, I’m bound for the rigger
A Carl Sagan type with the ultimate vigor
Sail me on the sea, black or blue, I got the Serge of energy
No time for Kid games, no matter the elemental sequence
In the balance hangs everything in this existence
If you think I’mma give her up without a fight
Blow out the light on your life, aight
You’re gonna be waiting a long damn time
A quantum leap 8 then 16 in rhyme
Siblings might fight and squabble like some gulls
But I bet this scythe knocks down all them walls
Twist up a galaxy or two for the ultimate treasure
Cause momma was crazy but brother knows better
Zeal might crumble as a kingdom
But time won’t forget to the world what my sister did bring them

And for the love of Zeal we pass through life
And for the love of Zeal we pass through life