Leftovers II (EP) - 4 Tracks

by Alpha Riff



During the making of Capitulum II, there were a number of tracks that were recorded and never used. Leftovers II contains a few of those tracks, as well as a couple extra things that weren't on any EP/album.


released April 22, 2014

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Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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Track Name: Cinematic Life feat Danger Boyco (prod. BigGameHit)
It's our night
Cinematic life

Check the flights
Everybody wants to say it's their night
Snapping pics, got that cinematic life
Instagram it, capture cause you vibing just right
The right time, the right line, the right shine
Wild boyz getting crazy, ready to hit the mic
You on that 9 to 5, we want that 16 by 9
Nikons ready at the fly, primetime
Lakers and the Nicks, front row wit your boy’s tix
New Js on the feet to match up the new whip
Jealous cats tweet hash tag they mad cause you flaunt it
Back it up if you can’t stunt with the teamers
Go back to your bike with the streamers
Like any real story, you can edit me in all my glory
Take a picture it’ll last longer, I’m a cinema, shorty

It's our night
Cinematic life

All night they got me at the front of the line
Fly as it gets, beats banging with the twist of that lime
Call me Dolby, around you 360
Subs ready to flatten the competition, ain’t no issue
Black Al Gore in the Tesla Model S
Shooting docs with climate change on my vest
Put whatever you think you got to the test
I can keep it RED, Scarlet, Dragons ain’t all that’s left
Lemme glide cam it into the night
Hop in the ride, ain’t nothing but green lights
You and I ready for where the road lies
Cali calling for all our cinematic ties
Oscar winners in this fast life
You an actor, I’ll film, aight
In the morning, we can’t remember the night
You ready to witness this glory
Cause we a cinema shorty

It's our night
Cinematic life
It's our night
Cinematic life