Assemble Like I'm Voltron (Prod. Pajama Sam)

by Alpha Riff



PJ Sam and I got together for VPC III and banged out this track!


Verse 1:

Seems like it’s time for a history lesson
No time to waste with these mystery guesses
Dig in the past, assemble the armor
Metal to bone for a risky contestant
Got a few choices for me
Wear it like heart to sleeve
Cause surely he blessed it
Suiting up like I’m red, green
Yellow, blue, and black, fearless complexion
Let me label the date for you
May 18th, 1982
Two years later, shittin’ diapers still
With V-tron sittin’ on the tubes
Misawa, Japan, September 10, 84 with the fam
Eyes bulging from the mechs on the screen
Coordinated colors what an excellent team
Go to the mall and I’m lost in the awe
Robots and blips, in love I would fall
Hum of machines, green of the screens
No choice, honor, Eighty-eight eighteen
Fast forward a minute, T-X, I’m up in it
Need those stories, boast most glories
Legends we start and finish
Green and the red that I’m donning again
Feel like a ninja with mutated skin
This where the love, redheads came in
Show me the wizard, technology spin
Yellow jumpsuits, oddly created
Worlds of my own design populated
With who I want, because I was able
Picked on for what I like, my only friend
N to the E to the S, regarded as you may only the best
Was not that one those, I’ll have the confess
To get B - E - A - T was my only purpose
Deeper and deeper we go to the brain
Heart branded with all the nerdy
Sword at the ready master ring and
Suited for the battle, I’m activating

Assemble like I’m Voltron (ARRRRGGGGHHH)
Assemble like I’m Voltron (AYE)
You got the origin and you know where I’ve been
This nerd is heaven sent, listen to the lessons (Power up)
Assemble like I’m Voltron (ARRRRGGGGHHH)
Assemble like I’m Voltron (AYE)
With these badges of courage and these badges of honor
They knocked me down but not out, this heart beats like galactic armor (Shields activated)
Assemble like I’m Voltron (ARRRRGGGGHHH)
Assemble like I’m Voltron (AYE)
Take a shield of fantasy, vambraces of sci-fi
Breastplate from heathen kings, master sword, that’s what I call life (We’re going in)

Verse 2:

Cyborg from the inside out
Heart replaced with a cart no doubt
32-bit processors, GamePro magazines
Stack it up, whoa clout
Use it like a bow, axe, and some dwarven stouts
In 6th grade with some Hobbits like a King, shit I’ll blow it out
Like how I’m sitting there
8th grade pottery Mastadon stare
Back at me, mask actually
Acrylic glazes just getting flared
Kiln’s a briar with geek desires
Olympus belief like Prometheus’ fire
A titan in art when I’m feelin’ inspired
Like my Magic deck, Black Lotus required
Assemble what I think is the master team
Pink, blue green, morphin after me
Into this man you’d eventually see
Computer science, dash of alchemy
Iron to gold like the Nth degree
Givin’ birth to worlds, ideologies
Can a culture mold a person
When all he’s done hurt
Broken heart and burdened
Well what’s most important
Built from the ground up
I won’t break down
Every hateful word once said
Is a scale I have now
Insulated from self doubt
Creatively is how
Take back what you took
I’m screaming at the clouds
Just a piece from every place
Blacksmith of life and proud
I’ve determined what my fate is
And it started with the basics
Nothing can hold me back
Those dark demons can face it
Eternal and birthed from infernos
Bring on my armor and brace it


released August 31, 2015
Beat: PJ Sam

Words: Alpha Riff



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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