Belly of the Beast featuring Kudos the Kid as Lt. Sector, Twill Distilled as Sassky, and 2​-​Ton21 as Destiny - A Digital Champions: Mors Aeterna Single

by Alpha Riff



After evading capture by General T. C., Alpha, MZ, Asim Billy, B. B. Stuart, and the other Horse Men are tasked with finding Christian Proxy. They descend into an ancient, deserted temple: the last known location of Christian. Once inside, they realize they are not alone: beings known as the Children of Tro-Jan occupy it. The fight is short -- MZ disarms the Children with a slew of crippling firepower -- and the Children come clean about their origins and reasons for being in Digitalia.


Verse 1 (Alpha/MZ):


Welcome all the children to the belly of the beast
Lookin’ for the man that they all feared deceased
Deep down in the temple, tunnels zig zag, no simple zip zap
Death in the air like our souls all fear release

Damn, Alpha, you’re so dramatic

Shit, I can’t help, it’s a force of habit
Up in the speaker like I’m quotin’ magic
Break the fourth wall like, damn, did that just happen

Okay, you, back to the story mode
We got the men and weapons, armor
To bring sonny home
Not just a bounty but a friend that we got to know
And maybe his dad would see him instead of go
Maybe, you know, love him for once

Instead of ignoring his son

Yeah, like a parent or sumptin

You been storing this one?
Stuck in your craw or what’s up?

What? Shut up.
The shadows have come

Hook (2 Ton-21):
The Children of Tro-Jan
The children, they’re watching you
The children, sneak along
The Children of Tro-Jan
The Children of Tro-Jan
The children, they’re watching you
The children, sneak along
The children, they’ll eat you

Verse 2 (Kudos the Kid):
Children of Trojan, tribe protector
A thing of nightmares, the phantom specter
A fierce and avid soul collector
All bow down to Lt. Sector
Just walked into the belly of the beast
Where the children hunger, the children feast
So hear my words and obey my will
If you make a move then we shoot to kill
But you’re reckless, got a need to be tested
Big boss battle not easily bested
Quick shot to the right then the left
Until MZ hits with a stun to the chest
So what’s next for the tribe divided?
It’s an all out war and a will to fight it
A new team with the power of our people
To fight for the good of the world, not the evil

Verse 3 (Twill Distilled):
Hi there! The names Sassky!
Running these children away from infantry
Heh, well, you see
My sister is bat shit crazy
Approach, but don’t touch me
We’re much different from you, MZ
We’ve come so far, different galaxies
We aim to make our God, Term, Pleased
Everytime we on the scene, everything dissipates
don’t mean to destruct, Nester got irate
forced our fighting population to go on some journey
to a tower for some power, I think we need attorneys
Alpha MZ let me join your party
Together like a unit, RPG squad with the bronies
oh sorry, those names aren’t right-
but you know what I mean right?
Together got this locked cause netser we must stop.


released February 28, 2016
Music by Pajama Sam
Words by Alpha Riff, Kudos the Kid, Twill Distilled
Draft Mix by 2 Mello
Final Mix and Master by DJ RoboRob



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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