Digital Champions: A Very Harbinger Christmas featuring Jollimus as Harbinger (Prod. TekForce)

by Alpha Riff



Before the events in Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel, Alpha Riff and MZ were gearing up to enjoy an awesome Christmas when B. B. Stuart calls them up to let them know that some guy is terrorizing I.P. by stealing presents from all of the orphanages. Little did they know for the first time they'd meet someone who would later play a role in their story.


Alpha: Hah, B. B., what’s up fam? Merry Christmas.

B. B.: Merry my ass. Some clown dressed up as Santa is stealing presents all around I.P.

Alpha: What? Are you kidding me? All right, we on it.

B.B.: Bet.

Verse 1 (Alpha/MZ):

Now it’s the spirit of the season
Got them holiday greetings
Bout to gift give
But B. B. done hit us with reasons
Said someone rockin’ Saint Nick
But doing the damn opposite
Red hat, white beard
Like Christmas he been mockin’ it

So, wait, you got something for little ol’ me?

Well, yeah, them schematics from the fam Billy
But that’s beside the point
Let’s hit the streets of I.P.
Put Santa in the joint
Before it gets messy

I’ve fired up the engines
Cause we ready for this mission
Hit the mall, Santa’s lap, it’s an easy decision
I want this, this, and this off my Xmas list
Oh and upgrades would be nice if he can deal with it

MZ, are you serious?
The man’s damn delirious
Stealin’ from the orphans
And that makes me furious
All right, get the bike
Cause it’s time to go

The decor! Check the front!
It’s the Rudolph show!


Verse 2 (Harbinger)
"Ho Ho Ho!, How you be?
Were you orphans expecting me?
Did you leave me out some milk and cookies?
No? Then I guess I'll be leavin you shook, see?
You know that I know if you've been good or bad
But did you kids know that I'm your real dad?
Sike! Santa holds no truck with children
Don't get in ya feelins, I can't stand your mewlin
Ya foolin no one, bad kids get nothin
Not even chicken all filled with stuffin
So all of your presents are comin with me
And all tha lights right off ya tree
Tha entire city's been bad this year
So I'll give you all a Christmas jeer
Saddle up my riddledeer and board my sleigh
Shout "Y'all fools get no Christmas today!”"

Verse 3 (Alpha/MZ)

So my readings have him somewhere up on Highway 9
Sack of goodies, metal body, damn, an android crime

Wait, he’s up ahead, weaving traffic with a sled
Jesus, man, you keep that up, folks’ll end up dead
MZ keep pursuing and I’ll race ahead
Round the bend, hit that dam, tap it right on the head
Gonna dam him up, not a kill, slow him instead
Grab the presents, get the bounty, we’ll be hero fed

All right, here we come, are you ready with the trap?

Yeah girl lemme hit this thing to put it on the map.
Ah crap, little too hard, think it’s gonna burst

Alpha! That’s too much water!

Yeah, hope y’all got a thirst!

It looks like you got him, but now I gotta surf
Come down so we can grab him before he loses worth

Yeah, let’s grab the bounty. It’s 10 damn Gs.
Who’s this clown? Harbinger. Throw him to the DMZ.

MZ: I hope that’s the last we see of him.

ALPHA: Yeah. You get a reading on that dude?

MZ: Yeah. He had Anti’s byte-sequence.

ALPHA: Wow… now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.


released December 24, 2014
Featuring Jollimus as Harbinger

Production by TekForce



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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