Proverbs - The Book Of Alpha - Pre VPC - Alpha Riff + Pajama sam (Prod. Pajama Sam) (SINGLE)

by Alpha Riff



Pajama Sam and Alpha Riff go in on a pre-VPCIII track! Let these boys take you to church for a minute!


We are gathered here today… to read from Proverbs…
The Book of Alpha… chapter 5… verse 18…
And it says “For he so loved the melodies that his producer, P. J. Samuel, gave his only begotten beats to bob the heads of them all.”
Can I get an amen?

You in the book now
Come with the hooks how
VPC round the corner
PJ Sam and Alpha
Bout to make you turn yo head
Momma is so proud
You know I turn it out
And make you bow out
Dream team of the century
With a spit fire flow
Got cats sweatin’ just to mention me
Bout on bout

Chapter 6… verse 19…
“For his spit was so solid, the script was rewritten for every lyric, his voice blisterin”

Add up the digits, I come out infinite
Spirit of a ragin’ Cajun without kinetic limits
Demonic unstoppable combat, I can’t even feel it
Divided by zero, unleash a fatal frame
Cook you up, add the syrup
Step back Masi, your name ain’t Hiro
Cut you down in your place, leave you with a fear though
You ain’t ready for a producer in his jammies
And an emcee with a clear throat
Yo name in the book is a death note
It’s time to run back to yo momma
Surgeon simulator here for the head trauma
Put you in the sauna
Turn up the temp, the drama
Going 0 and 8 like the homey President Obama

The list of proverbs
And they’re written to show
PJ Sam and Alpha coming with the brand
Epics written on the stand, I can’t tell a lie my man, shit
The list of proverbs
And they’re written to show
This producer, emcee, carving out that history
Cave drawings to Mona Lisa
We unleash, it won’t be a mystery


released August 12, 2014
Production, mixing, and mastering: Pajama Sam
Lyrics: Alpha Riff



all rights reserved


Alpha Riff New Orleans, Louisiana

The intersection of rock, metal, and hip-hop fusing together into blistering concept records. Digital Champions born and raised. Bounty hunter, musician, comic book writer.

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